my first live performance creation

even if it isnt the best one but it was my very first time try creating this project
'LIGHT' seek the purpose to narrate the story encouraging ppl based on the blind

with two-sided main messages to the blind themselves and can also told ordinary people who fail

firstly, to encourage the blind that even you've lost the capability of your sight, but still you can
hear, taste, feel. you still living your life. dont give up!!!

second, in that desperate time of failure, it doesnt mean you are dead there's always be the way
to stand again cheer up yourselves, give the courage to stand again, people wont always fell.

From this project done, I realise so much how I love in performance and want to go on in this pathway, even it means I have to start over again from the beginning, I will go on. Through my
graphic design years, it wasnt useless. It taught me so much and I see the advantages of using
those past years to carry on my dream.

please try this clip and comments, thx


Music birthday party ticket

mixed media illustration on Music's ticket
by applying acrylic with watercolor on canvas 'n did some more effect in photoshop

free-time drawing

Zoo Signage

One of my group work creating the zoo signage.
the concept is contemporary tribe, mixing the modern culture
with traditional one to maintain the old culture for later generation

*the first one is my sketches while working


Ma favorite work from the past

these two inspiration from sakura or cherry blossom
1st one is the form of sakura wall repeated pattern of the hexagon like honeycomb
combining to be the shape of flowers

2nd is the stadium project using repetition to create the form of building
inspired by wooden barrel wit the sakura-like roof


เกือบจีน typeface

my first typeface design named 'Guebjeen' (almost CHINESE) 55
the typeface book present also done but unfortunately lost
i plan to redo it soon..


ศาลาเฉลิมกรุง คุณนึกถึงโรงละครดั้งเดิมนี้บ้างรึเปล่า

Rebrand 'n package

Auntie Marcy brand create by Autistic Organisation
this a cookies package^^


ma collection of illus, i love these two

Pre-Thesis work progress

these're 2 o' ma fav executions in 2nd presentation
love these ideas ^^

Final Thesis illustration

"Designer vs. Artist"
These are the illustration for the topic, that I have researched through and pick out some phrase that people mostly agreed with to make the illustration. My purpose is just to guide people to think of this topic just a little but there is no serious intention in it. You may agree to it or not, it's up to you because people always think different. If you like it, I'm so delightful but if not I also don't mind. Anyway really thanks for any suggestions, critiques either negative or positive because it makes me notice that people take some attention with my work. and for me that's enough.


Thesis in progress (continue..)

Continue to the 2nd presentation sketches another execution

Thesis in progress

These are some of my sketches through process. i really like 2nd presentation ^^