functional t-shirt

my t-shirt package project
target on female functionalism
all this is only one t-shirt which you can switch the decoration based upon your desire and design to make the uniqueness of your own
i also used a piece of decoration as the packages itself which is one of its function

below this is a few alternatives decoration that i've done


...huahorm project*

this project was created for egg package design
huahorm logo and illustration on package
but the package itself will come after i get it back from ajarn
..the mascot name 'nong kaihorm'

...bp annual report*

...fashion studio signage*

..try to make it a bit differ from ordinary signage by using
brush stroke style
and make it feels more like painting

...absolute heaven*

now i create corporate identity for www.absoluteheaven.com
concept >>> where your pets feel free and happy,
also makes the owner rely that we take good care on their pets
mood+tone >>> relax, friendly

...children book*

Teddy Bear and the King ...i was proud of this artwork cause it's one of my experimental work the media is watercolor on velvet
what's a fun work i have done

..so let's enjoy with your experimental


...typo connection*

press it hard!!

...zoo signage*

based on classical music

...wild animal*